One of our favorite bands of 2020 play their second EVER live set at FAFF 10.
Typing this was tough with a molten face
Celebrate a decade of depravity with America’s most immaturely named festival of frightening flicks!
Here’s a film that truly damaged a young me.
Halloween Specials fucking Rule.
Last week we had an opportunity to share an episode of filmmaker Dustin Kramer's From Camera to Console series, which chronicles the often bizarre world…
I'm sure me digging out my copy of the Gravediggaz 6 Feet Deep LP this past week had a lot to do with my annual rewatch of Ernest Dickerson's classic…
It seems like an honest to God missed opportunity that in the just over 40 years since Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Inc gang meddled with masked monsters…
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Heavy Metal Vomit Party